Why has my boiler broken down

Why has my boiler broken downWhy has my boiler broken down? If we had a euro for every time we have heard that in the 40 plus years we have been trading, we would have retired by now. A boiler is made to last. If taken care of properly they should last 10 to 15 years on average, some commercial boilers can even last up to 50 years.

When asked why has my boiler broken down it can be a number of reasons as you will see below but here firstly we will try to explain the preventative measures you can take. A good analogy is to think of a boiler similarly to a motor vehicle. If you had a van for example a you put it in your garage in March and do nothing and go to start it in September, will it start? A boiler like a van is an engineered piece of equipment with different parts all doing a different job. An engine can seize up for a number of reasons without use, over time with wear and tear a boilers parts can wear out, seize up or start working intermittently. We annually N.C.T. our vehicles, we should also annually service our boilers for exactly these reasons.

When the warm weather arises and we stop using our boilers we would advise once a month to switch your heat on a high setting for 20 minutes. We understand that you don’t need the heat but for the small cost of giving your boiler a work out this ensures the parts are functioning correctly. The same as you may start your vehicle that is in the garage once or twice a month even though you are not using it.

Why has my boiler broken down? A few reasons provided by our experts.

  • The diaphragm valve may be broken or faulty. This valve is used to regulate or stop the flow of liquids or gas in your central heating system.
  • You may have an Airlocks, an airlock can disrupt water flow in your plumbing system.
  • The Motorized valve on your boiler may have failed, this valve can sometimes get stuck or clogged up. This on occasions can make your water and central heating come on when you don’t want them to or vice versa. One of our expert Dublin plumbers can fix or replace the faulty valve quite easily on nearly all makes and models.
  • Thermostat problems, the thermostat tells your boiler the temperature that you want it to heat at. Signs are no heat when the boiler is on or too much heat.
  • A leak in your central heating or boiler system can cause a breakdown. Our plumbers can identify the source of the problem and advise you of the best course of action.
  • Your boiler could be making banging or gurgling noises, this could be either low pressure or air in the system . One of our team can fix this for you.
  • If your boiler is losing pressure, this is usually a problem with the pressure relief valve. The usual cause is the expansion vessel failing.
  • Another regular fault we encounter is “the pilot light keeps going out”. This can be caused by a deposit build up which can be cured by a professional service or it could just be caused by a draft.

We hope this advice an information proves helpful. For any advice or assistance you may need with any boiler issues just call All Dublin Plumbers on 01- 2603222.

Why has my boiler broken down




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Assisting you with plumbing jargon

We understand that most of the population aren't plumbers. Therefore below are a number of terms or parts that you may not be familiar with. We will give you a basic description but please click the title if you need a more detailed view.

What is Power Flushing?

This is where your heating system is drained down and fully cleaned. Over time sludge can build up causing it to affect the performance of your system. The sludge can cause cold spots in the radiators. It can also clog up the heat exchanger in your boiler which invariably over time can cause the exchanger to fail

What is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger will as a rule be located above the burner on a standard boiler. Once the boiler ignites the exchanger will quickly heat the water that is pumped through and on in to the pipework around the central heating system. A combi boiler has waht is known as a plate heat exchanger. It's job in the combi is to heat the water for your domestic water supply.

What is a stop valve or stopcock?

A stop valve or"stop cock" Is the main on/off valve that connects the mains water supply to your property. It is important that you know the location. If for example you had a burst pipe you would immediately need to turn the stop valve off. The stop valve can often be located in the kitchen. If so it is likely it could be under the sink. In some properties it will be found in a cupboard near the sink or in a hallway in a cupboard.Normally there is a main stopcock around the perimeter boundary of a property, it may be on the road. Be careful when turning this one off though as it can have a number of houses being supplied water from this.